Meet Casey Diskin

Casey Diskin began working with children with disabilities while pursuing  an undergraduate degree at Wayne State University. From there, her passion for working with children on the autism spectrum grew. She  created and implemented treatment plans for children and young adults at the Friendship Circle in West Bloomfield Michigan, and started her own company, Compass Michigan, to advocate for children in public schools.

Now she is leading our autism program and working to implement our synergistic approach to make a difference in each child that comes to us.

At Oxford Recovery Center,  Casey Diskin runs our unique ABA program that  focuses on teaching skills that improve the quality of a child’s life. With our naturalistic teaching approach, children get both one-on-one attention with our outstanding Behavioral Technicians and gather for group activities such as gym, creative arts, music, and play. The children benefit from constant individual attention (and get assistance, as needed) while also learning how to play with peers and follow instructions in a group setting.

Casey loves live music, good food, and good company. She is married to Joshua and is the mother to Asa and Evy. (She’d love to show you a few photos of her adorable son and baby girl.)

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