Groundbreaking ceremony at the new building site- Casey Diskin

Oxford Recovery Center (ORC) provides world-renowned autism services at centers in Troy and Brighton. Due to the growing need for autism services in the Brighton, Michigan community, Oxford Recovery Center is breaking ground on a 35,000 square foot expansion of their main campus located at the corner of Whitmore Lake Road and Malby Road.
A groundbreaking ceremony to kick off the project will be held at the new building site directly south of the existing facility on May 17th at 10:00. The public is invited to attend. Brivar Construction will be handling the construction of this major investment in the Brighton community.
ORC moved into the current 32,000 square foot building in 2018. “When we moved to the Brighton campus, we felt we would never fill up the building,” says Dr. Tami Peterson, Founder and CEO at Oxford Recovery Center. In just two years, the demand for services has increased dramatically.
Casey Diskin, Executive Director of Autism Services, credits the synergistic approach to treating autism as the main factor in the center’s amazing growth. “Autism diagnoses are on the rise, but more and more parents of children see the benefits of our approach to treatment,” says Diskin. “We believe autism is a medical condition and treat it as such.” Oxford offers more than traditional Applied Behavior Analysis services. “We offer treatments and therapies designed to help our autism patients reach their potential,” explains Diskin. “We have seen amazing results combining hyperbaric oxygen therapy, neurofeedback, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy.” The center does not stop there. A comprehensive testing and medical consultation program helps to isolate medical problems and provides a means to solve them.
This is nothing new for Oxford Recovery Center. It has been providing these services to patients to treat more than 100 medical conditions since 2008. “Our goal is to help our patients get their lives back after an illness or injury. “No matter what your condition, we probably treat it,” says Peterson. “We have successfully treated everything from autism and stroke to macular degeneration and Lyme disease.”
As part of the expansion is a remodeling of the current facility. “All of our services other than autism will be housed in the current facility,” says Gary Marken, Chief Operations Officer at Oxford Recovery Center. “We have already converted 6,500 Square feet of unused space into areas for Speech and Occupational Therapies and a large multi-purpose room for the autism program.” Part of the plan is to expand the company’s hyperbaric oxygen therapy program. “Currently, we operate five hyperbaric oxygen chambers,” continues Marken. “We will be expanding our footprint to include three Chambers.”
Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) is the cornerstone of Oxford Recovery Centers success. Using a medical-grade, hard chamber, Oxford is able to deliver 100% oxygen under pressure. Our bodies use oxygen to heal and regenerate themselves, and nothing provides the body with more healing oxygen than HBOT. The treatment is powerful because it floods the body with so much oxygen causing it to concentrate in plasma. This allows the oxygen to reach areas red blood cells cannot and it penetrates deeper into damaged tissues. “Hyperbaric oxygen therapy has many medical benefits including destroying harmful bacteria, encouraging blood vessel growth, fighting viruses, and healing wounds to name a few,” says Peterson “Perhaps the biggest benefit and why it is so effective in treating so many conditions is its ability to reduce inflammation. The concentrated levels of oxygen stimulate intracellular signaling proteins, which upregulate genetic expression of anti-inflammatory molecules.”

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