Casey Diskin’s New Role at ORC

Casey Diskin has dedicated over twelve years to helping individuals with autism. Her passion is to ensure they lead healthy, productive lives. While completing her education at Macquarie University, Sydney, Casey Diskin worked at the Learning Center in Sydney, Australia.

Casey Diskin earned her Master’s Degree in psychology. She has worked with a many children with autism and developmental disabilities in numerous capacities for several years. Casey Diskin has experience in verbal behavior programming, skill acquisition, precision teaching, direct instruction and behavior reduction. Casey Diskin spent her first 5 years in practice in Australia before moving back to the US.

In 2018, Casey Diskin joined ORC as their Director of ABA. In 2019 she began her new role as Executive Director of Autism Services. Diskin oversees all Occupational therapy, Physical Therapy, Speech and ABA. Today, ORC has 3 locations throughout the United States and employs nearly 100 highly-skilled employees, and is a leading employer of Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs).

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